Cyberfish 3D Animation & Graphics

Cyberfish was one of the first 3d visualizing studios in the Netherlands, home base the most beautiful city Amsterdam, at the Lauriergracht 116.
Cyberfish is specialized in all kinds of 3D visualizations, and since her startup build on a strong core of three 3D artists, Ronald van Vemden , from illustrator to one of the best character specialists these days and animator. Pieter van Lier, from interior product designer to surfacing specialist, animator and colourist. Freddy Peters, initiator, animator, allround specialist and always trying to find the very best and fastest solution for high quality 3d renderings within a project’s timeline, this means to reach the deadline without compromising on the clients quality demands. Also very important in our 3d business, all 3 are specialist in hardcore tweaking so we always will find a solution for a technical problem, within time!
Since the beginning of Cyberfish we did lots of work for Philips Design (visualizing product concepts), Comic House (characters for De Efteling, café de Wereld, AH, etc.), Lost Boys/2ndSTAR (virtual casino’s) also some commercials, educational/ instructional animations.

A big change in our kind of work was when Cyberfish and Cortical Studios became partners in 2001. From that day on we also focused on scientific/ biomedical visualisations. Owner of Cortical Studios is Martijn Rijnberg, he holds a masters degree in biology (biotechnology) at the University of Amsterdam, with a specialization in the fields of molecular cell biology. With his scientific expertise and with our, almost, 20 years of undisputed 3D experience, we are 100% masters in 3d scientific animation! Our partnership is the best and only way to provide our clients with state of the art, clear and scientific correct and award winning productions. Check our latest Gold award for Kemin’s Clostat animation.