Please check out our 3D augmented reality App, ‘Cortical Brain’ that illuminates several important structures in the brain. It is an augmented reality experiment to develop it further for future updates.
The ‘Cortical Brain’ app is available for free in the app store (for iPhone/iPad).

To get started, download and print the target image you can find below. Alternatively, you can display the target image on a second screen. Then point your camera at the target image, and watch an interactive 3D brain appear in front of you.

With the buttons at the bottom of the screen you can isolate the brain exterior, sagittal section, limbic system or basal ganglia. Subsequently, you can highlight a specific region by tapping the name in the outer ring. To rotate the brain, swipe your finger horizontally.

Cortical Brain offers a vivid and immersive experience that enables you to learn about and explore the human brain.

Target image:

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